“But do I really have to wash my bra and how often should I wash it?” 

The answer is yes, yes you should wash your bra as often as you wash your blouse and underwear. Why? Because a big part of the bra is located directly under the armpit and the other holds the breasts, these are the most sweaty places on a human body.  

Cleaning your bra every after two wears, possibly three is something every woman or girl should adopt as it is a clean practice but it requires one to have more than 2 perfectly fitting bras. That way it is easier to wash one and give it time to dry.

Now to the practical part. When washing bras, you’ve got to keep it real and simple, hand-wash your bras, that’s what I mean. Avoid machine washing, as activity in the drum will ruin elasticity and shorten its usable life (which should be at least 12 months).

Here are a few special tips on how to hand -wash your bras….. Just follow the steps below;

  • Soak the bra in cold or cool water with the normal detergent you already have (Be sure that you are using an alcohol-free detergent intended for hand washing garments). In case you are tempted to use hot water, you may want to  keep in mind that prolonged exposure to hot water can break down elasticity of the bra over time .

  • Let the bras sit in the soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows the detergent to dissolve any oils or dirt. For particularly dirty bras, leave them in the water for one hour.

  • Swish and squish the bras. This helps loosen and dirt and oils. The water will be pretty murky by now.

  • Drain the dirty water and rinse the bras with clean water. Do this until the water runs clear

  • Lastly hang the bras, do not  hang them up by their straps. Since the bra is still wet and heavy, the straps can get stretched out from having to support the extra weight.

  • Let the bra drip at room temperature or in the shade, as heat from a radiator or tumble dryer destroys Lycra and the bra in a long run.

P.S. If the bras have push up inserts? Take those out before washing






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