Based on life experience, I can confidently state that discussing many life topics would not be a problem for me. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that time is one of the most valuable commodities in life. ”Time is money,” as the adage goes.  I totally agree with this remark because we often waste our time as young people by making the incorrect judgments.

This is the precise point! Waste of any kind is awful, but the waste of an entire life is the most difficult. What we do today is significant because we are trading one day of our lives for it. We have a tendency to squander a lot of time doing things that are not profitable in the hope that there will be more time later, or we believe that the world is still young for us to start and complete certain things.  We’ve all met folks who we’d say wasted their lives, but keep in mind that a life wasted happens one day at a time. To spend one’s entire life, many things must be wasted: time, talent, money, resources, energy, and health.

I think I’m giving you a lot of jazz about time management, but before I go any further, I’d like you to ask yourself this question: How am I spending my time? How have I squandered my time? Do the activities in which I am participating matter to me? Am I gaining or losing ground? We are constantly spending something, and when we do, we are either wasting or investing. You must ask yourself whether you are wasting or investing your time.

Birth and death are both significant occurrences, but what happens in between is far more significant.  A single dash can reflect a person’s entire existence! There’s a lot going  on the dash, but the key thing is to figure out what it is. [The dash represents the time between your birth and death.] [1990-2018] What are you doing with your dash, now that I think about it?

A man’s improper habit might squander himself, which is to waste what is on earth, [what are your bad habits?] This is man’s greatest tragedy, and it brings sorrow. Because time moves so rapidly, life might seem like a blur. That is all the more incentive to fill your dash with solid choices that create amazing results. Some opportunities come our way only once, and if we waste them, we never get them back [consider this].

In a word, at the end of the day, you make the change you want to see, and it all starts with you and your thinking. Sometimes we are our own obstacle, and one method to overcome this is to replenish our brains on a daily basis with optimistic thoughts. Optimism is important because it allows us to redeem our time. They advise defending your heart, but you should also guard your mind, because your mind may make you believe things that aren’t real, and your mind carries your thoughts and thoughts= actions = habits okitegera!

Written By Kiwumulo Charity.


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  1. N. Suzan Kalungi

    Honored to have come upon this pertinent information. God bless you Kiwumulo

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