When we launched the #LiveYourDreamUG campaign, we knew that the art of setting and implementing goals as a young person may seem very hard and yet very important for one’s vision. When you make up your mind to do sumn,  you have already imagined yourself enjoying the results (cuz we all day dreamers somehow) and you know the responsibility that comes with it. Halfway down the road, you feel like you need to re-organise yourself and things feel like they ain’t moving. You are literally pulling ropes. If this is how you are feeling, worry no more because we are going to walk this journey with you.

Awards, such as these Peer Educators Awards, are a sign of success, excellence and celebration Awards, such as these Peer Educators Awards, are a sign of success, excellence and celebration 

First things first, as a young person, you always need to know and remember that you need to be empowered with the right skill, information, tools and opportunities (light bulb-Peer Educators Academy). With that under your belt, here are the 8Ps, to help you get where you want to be seamlessly. 

Passion: Darn right, passion drives action. You need find what drives you, what is that one thing that you are passionate about? What is it? Ask yourself that question as many times as we have asked it. If you get you an answer, lock it down. Your focus stems right there because that is what you love. 


Find what your passion is first 

Plan: Ever watched a movie with sailors? If yes, you must have realised that the sailors always have a compass to direct them. If you have your aims, you need a plan to direct you. The world is like a sea and the compass is the plan. You lack it, you get lost along with your dreams. 

plan-demFYI, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. 

Purpose: Having known the passion of your life, you need to know why that is your passion. Why do you love it so hard? You will find that it is because it makes you feel some type of way, or it is something someone you love and respect does, and you would want to get there. That, friends, is your purpose. Where you want to get and for what reason. Could be to solve a social challenge, improve yourself, build a career etc. Whatever it is, get to know your purpose early. It is the end goal of your dream. 

People: Look at people as your network and remember the saying that goes “your network is your net worth” Remember! For example, if you join the Peer Educators Academy, RAHU brings all these motivational speakers, cultural icons, peers from previous years. You need to step up your game and engage these people, talk to them and they will inspire you. Their words of inspiration will help you set goals that you want to achieve and even be motivated because someone shared their story with you. Also as a plus, they just might open the right doors for you. 


Get people who will learn from you who you will learn from. Period

Persistence: There are times when it is just not working out and yet you have a strong belief that it will work out or you even feel like giving up. NEVER GIVE UP no matter the storm. Pick yourself up, dust it off, hold your head high and keep moving. You need to realise that when you are implementing your goals, some may fail or even all, but do not give up on your vision, hold onto your goals.

rahu_live_ur_dream-41Do you and don’t give up

Potential: You need to know your potential so that you do not limit yourself or you do not overwhelm yourself that you even lose track of yourself. Ask yourself if you are in position to achieve the goal you are setting. If you are in position, then buckle up and channel the energy towards your quest and if not, then set what you can start with. Your potential is how you exploit your strengths and navigate weaknesses.


Knowing your potential helps you to stand out 

Positivity: Yeah yeah yeah, be all about the good vibes. Positivity is an attitude, a mindset that refreshes you. With it, you can get yourself through anything and knock through the obstacles. It is the stuff King T’Challa from Wakanda is made of. Don’t let challenges and negativity bring your down. To be your own Black Panther, positivity is your super power.

Keep the positive energy going

Keep the positive energy going 

Prayer:  Whoever you pray to, always seek their guidance and wisdom in whatever you are doing. Always stick to the will of your God and rely on Him mostly to help you out heal the spiritual wounds of failure that will come your way.

As young people, identify whether you have the 8Ps with you to help you set goals that gon define your life. I share this insight from what I have learnt, because this is all about Young People For Young People.

By Ssali Aakram 2018 Peer Educator


  1. Nyanzi Huzairu

    It is such an aware some write up and inspirational please continue more and more as there are many young people who lack this guidance
    Thanks brother

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