Knowledge is what all young people need to have as a lifetime gift. It helps them become the best version of themselves. Today, we will focus on menstrual blood: the facts and myths. 

It is very important to know that menstruation is not a curse, but rather a natural and normal body change that happens to girls as they are growing up.

Do you know the magic behind the menstruation period? Every single month, the woman’s uterus gets ready for a child by forming a wall along the uterus wall that can take care of a baby. But when the uterus waits for too long without receiving a child, the wall breaks down in the form of blood, hence menstruation. However, it is important to note that this shedding is not an internal wound.

It is normal for a girl to have her period as an aspect of growing up, learning and knowing about menstrual hygiene and practices, can help young people to have common knowledge for a living on a day-to-day basis.

There are very many false doctrines about the Menstrual cycle that can make girls lose self-esteem. 

While on one of our school visits as Reach A Hand Uganda, Femy (real name withheld) raised her hand and asked if the smell of a used pad can make anyone sick. 

Well, this is not true. The smell of a used sanitary pad cannot make you sick. Menstrual blood is normal blood and sometimes, especially when the pad has not changed for a long time, it could have a bad odor. However much it is normal blood, you are not advised to smell it for reasons that it is not hygienic.

It is also not advisable for one to touch the blood – unless you are using a reusable pad, as it could expose you to the impurities that flow along with the blood. Washing of a reusable pad is a topic we can break down in our next blog, so be on the lookout.

Ladies, one of the most important things we all need to know about menstruation is that you need to keep very clean to ensure that you can avoid any vaginal infections.

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