When President Museveni closed schools in March 2020, no one knew how long the stay at home would stretch. A year down the road, children are gradually returning to schools and this a lot for the students, parents, caregivers and teachers. Everyone of these people has to adjust their mindset to deal with the social, mental and emotional outcomes of the long stay at home.

Returning to school has now a new meaning to the parents, caregivers, teachers and students at large in this period of Covid 19 pandemic. The teachers have to adjust and deal with the social and emotional ways of the students.

The students as well should also adjust to the new normal and abide by the new school setting as they will be taught by the teachers and the stakeholders. Students need to be helped to get back on track through a number of ways;

Make a daily routine.
In a bid to enhance your meaningful stay at school, plan for each and every activity you do. Schedule time for your daily revision, homework, time for friends, Co-curricular activities. This will in a way help you excel academically and mentally.

Study a little everyday
Make it a habit to develop a reading culture that will push you in learning one or two new things daily. Visit the library at least thrice a week. Look for new words to enhance your vocabulary.

Consistent revision
Don’t waste time during prep time, stay focused by going through the things you learnt earlier in the day and the different topics that you have covered. This will help you recall most of the contents when examinations come. You will be fully prepared thus avoiding panic and stress during exams.

Use class time wisely
We all have friends who keep us smiling at all times, that’s perfect. But you shouldn’t forget your prime goal for being in school, make use of your study hours through making friends that will keep you focused academically, be attentive in class, ask questions where you didn’t understand, request the teachers to repeat for you the topic that you didn’t fully understand.

Stuck with homework? Try online tutorials
Don’t fully rely on class materials, there are so many avenues that can give you more knowledge. Do extensive research on online sites that have been designed to equip students at all levels with academic contents. Make use of them and finish your homework.

Make a friend in every class
Make sure you make friends in almost every class that will help in updating you on what happened at school in case you missed a day, friends that will help you in doing your assignments(homework)

Create a free reading zone
Look for a place that has a good reading environment that won’t keep you distracted for example in the library where there is no noise or any other kind of distraction that will make you lose focus.

Observe all the SOPs
As students, we shouldn’t forget what has kept us home for close to a year, COVID 19 is still real and many of our loved ones have lost their lives to this pandemic. In each and everything we do, make it a point to follow the Standard Operating Procedures set up by the Ministry of Health; some of them being Regular washing of hands, practicing social distance of 2 metres, sanitizing at all times, wearing your face mask, avoiding crowded places and avoid touching your soft body parts like (noise, mouth, eyes).

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