We all know tips and tricks for getting your hair, skin, nails and appearance on fleek.  But have you ever thought about having a happy and healthy vagina? Well here is what your vagina wants you to read.

  1. Wear cotton underwear. Cotton as a fabric allows for easy aeration and moisture absorption keeping the area around your vagina dry and free from conditions that would favor growth of nasty infections like Candida and Chlamydia. If you are in the comfort of your house,, feel free to go commando so your lady parts can breathe.
  2. Work it out. Leave the lazy lane and hit the gym. If the gym is expensive, why not try jogging for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day? Those Pilates will strengthen your pelvic muscles which are key in producing stronger mind blowing orgasms.
  3. Say no to soap and ‘douching’.For starters, douching means washing or cleaning out the inside of the vagina with water, soap or other mixtures of fluids.  It’s NOT advisable to use soap. So keep the soap away. There are lots of bacteria inside the vagina to protect it. They provide numeric dominance, help keep the vagina’s pH balanced.  If this balance is disturbed then it can lead to infection and inflammation. But If you end up washing your vagina with soap, make sure to thoroughly rinse it with warm water so that no traces of soap are left behind to cause irritation.
  4. Practice menstrual hygiene.  Change your tampon frequently, don’t use panty liners/ pads for longer than necessary, it can cause skin irritation. No matter how light the flow is, or even if there is no flow bacteria can build up. Changing the pad/tampon/panty liner every 3-4 hours is good hygiene and helps prevent bad odors.  When you’re not having periods, don’t use pads to absorb normal vaginal discharge, they will keep moisture and warmth near the vagina which can result into infection.
  5. Wipe from front to back. It’s important to wipe from front to back rather than the reverse to keep fecal matter from entering your vagina and causing an infection. Avoid using wet wipes or any other products that contain perfume and chemicals.
  6. Wear loose-fitting clothes (for the ‘slayers’). Stretch pants, skinny and tight jeans trap moisture against the skin and prevent airflow often leading to yeast infections. Try wearing looser and lighter fabrics that allow your vagina to breath well.
  7. Be mindful of the order of sex acts. Make sure not to go from anal to vaginal sex without changing the condom. Going from back door to front exposes your vagina to a host of bacteria and can increase risks of infections. Yes you heard it.
  8. Practice safe sex.  Yes we all know condoms  for the great work of protecting against STDs and pregnancy. But did you know that it also helps to keep your vagina PH levels normal giving room for bacteria to survive in there so as to prevent yeast infections and UTIs?


  1. Barbara

    And don’t push your finger inside when you are washing your vagina because it cleans itself. Thanks.

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