After two years, the schools have finally opened. Study curricula have become confusing and perplexing. Personally, I see 2022 as a year of bringing young people back on track rather than a year of academic brilliance. Why? Because a lot has happened in these young people’s lives. And they need to refocus their energies on school and education.

How are you going to teach these students who have switched their minds to business, marriage, or else have grown and changed too much as a result of the epidemic to make all of this a model of sustainability?

What young people need is a practical timetable, not a whole class culture to help them rearrange their thoughts and return to their studies.

Evidence shows that as a result of the epidemic, young people experienced a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, leading to vices such as drug usage. Especially in rural areas, cases of teenage pregnancies, forced marriages, incest, and  GBV were on the rise. Now that they’re back in school, the issue should be: what role should parents and teachers have in fostering a favorable environment in which all students can receive a proper education?

To ensure that young people have a bright future, we must provide SRHR knowledge to all students in school. Parents, teachers, and other stakeholders must all work together to provide a safe, inclusive and free learning environment for all students.

Written By Nicole Musiime

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