Do you ever wear your panties once and boom, you find lighter patches especially in your dark underwear?

Well, this is the case for many women and a very normal occurrence. You shouldn’t feel ashamed. The vagina is a wonderfully and gloriously made body part and among its many other superhuman qualities, it has the power to change the color of your underwear.

Your vagina is acidic and has a pH of 3.8-4.5. That’s acidic enough to bleach fabric, and that’s what’s happening. A healthy vagina will produce a more acidic discharge of up to 4ml a day. Discharge is part of the vagina’s magical and natural self-cleaning process. It’s a type of mucus produced by the cervix.

But the pH can fluctuate due to several factors like your sex life, hormones, and the menstrual cycle. This discharge increases during ovulation and pregnancy due to an increase in cervical mucus. This healthy discharge that manifests in clear, white, or cream doesn’t have a strong smell or color, however, some girls or women may feel uncomfortable wetness. Some of the discharge might even have a slight odor to it. So, don’t panic.

When you wear lighter-colored pants, you might not notice these stains. But when you wear white underwear you might spot lingering yellowish and off-white marks, while black underwear will look like it’s been bleached in little patches. This is nothing to worry about.

The key to note is that it’s not a sign of dirtiness or bad hygiene, it’s something that happens when the acidity of a perfectly healthy vagina spends time in contact with fabric, and it’s particularly noticeable on darker fabrics.

Whereas this is a natural phenomenon, a strong smell or a change in smell can be a sign of irritation and infection. If the discharge turns yellow, brown (when you’re not on your period), or green, this could also indicate an infection. If the discharge becomes thick and lumpy, talk to a medical professional as this could be another sign of infection. The vagina is pretty good at telling you when something’s wrong, and it’ll often do that through changes in your discharge. Self-medication is not advisable.

How can you prevent bleaching of your panties?

That’s all about the acidity. Now, let’s talk about how you can prevent your panties from being bleached. Firstly, you can prevent stains by wearing a panty liner throughout the day. These create a barrier between the discharge and your panties.

Secondly, you can decide to rinse your panties as soon as you take them off as opposed to keeping them till your wash day. This stops the bleaching discharge from sitting on the fabric and taking effect.

All in all, everyone’s discharge and body are different. It is vital to know what’s normal for you and check for any changes with your doctor.

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