The butt crack is one of the most ignored parts of the human body. You would be shocked to know how many people do not actually know how important it is to clean in between the butt cheeks. Many of us often believe that a simple wipe especially after doing poo is enough to keep it clean but that’s not true. No. No. 


Even though you wash in between your butt cheeks every time you take a shower, there are some tips you can use in the middle of the day to avoid a foul odour, infections and itchiness.


But first, what is a butt crack?

The butt crack is the area between your butt cheeks or buttocks also known as the intergluteal cleft, natal cleft, anus slice, or cluneal cleft.


So, how best can I keep it clean?


Squat or sit to get a good wipe 

Yes, you read that right. You can’t claim to clean your crack well while standing. You need to bend your back to get every section thoroughly cleaned. Wiping while standing means that you are leaving some areas down there unattended to. Can you imagine what the accumulated dirt could cause? All the dirt that accumulates and hides in the butt throughout the day and night harbours bad bacteria leaving room for infections and bad odour. 


Don’t ignore moisture

Moisture is the butt crack’s worst enemy. Just like the vagina, moisture in the butt crack leaves room for bad bacteria. This can result in bacterial infections, fungal infections, dermatitis, rashes, and micro-tears. To avoid these and more wipe yourself off thoroughly but not aggressively with a towel after a shower and tissue after taking a dump. 


Wet wipes what? No thank you

A simple solution to a bathroom without a bidet or water tap is often the wet wipe. I won’t lie, it does come in handy. However, doctors advise against them. Why? You may ask. Wipes cause so much irritation. Plus, remember the good bacteria we talked about before? When you use wipes, even those that are alcohol free, they wipe away that good bacteria causing an imbalance in the PH which could result in infections and bad odours.  


Wipe from in to out

After taking a dump, you are advised to wipe from front to back and not the other way around. This not only keeps your butt clean but also avoids the transfer of dirt from your butt to your vagina or penis area. So with this tip, you are keeping two important parts clean and free from bad bacteria.


Please do not over-wipe

Just because you are trying to keep your butt crack dry, you should not over wipe it. The butt crack is a delicate part of the body. You might have noticed how easily it gets irritated when you have a running stomach and need to wipe every few minutes. Doctors advise blotting or light dubs rather than aggressively wipe. 


So, how do I wash my butt crack? 

Just like you clean the rest of your body, bath or shower time is the best way to wash and clean in between your butt cheeks.  This goes beyond just letting the water run down your back and in between your butt crack. It also doesn’t mean you should stuff lots of soap down there. No! Be gentle and don’t use corrosive soap. 


Using a soft washcloth dubbed with a little soap, gently blot the area after which, rinse with warm water. You can also use a handheld shower head for direct target.

Well, there you have it. With these tips, you’ll definitely have a cleaner area. No itching, no bad odour and no infections. 

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