A dude needs to make sure his penis is kawa, period! If you’re not complaining go argue with your ancestors. Let’s go straight to the point. With the tips below, you just might get your penis in the best of conditions, so read carefully.

Your penis needs some balanced diet; Hold up! This doesn’t mean running after every belle. By this, we mean lots of vitamins and minerals. Eat more carrots and walnuts, whole grains, spinach, honey ,oily fish, oyster and avocado. These foodies (minerals) are important for fertility health in men and improves sperm count and mobility. Vitamins on the other hand are essential to the development and proper performance of the reproductive system. Nutrition can affect fertility and fetal development as well. In addition drink a lot of water to keep the urinary tract clean.


Show it some love with proper clothing and hygiene;  First things first, bathe daily.  It’s 2017, there is no room for kavubuka. This is key to a healthy and vibrant penis to avoid risking infections and prostate cancer. Secondly we know skinnies are the fashion-in thing now and will probably be here for some time, but you might want to avoid those tight fitting underwears and pants, they do not allow a smooth blood flow and it causes sweating in those special areas.


When was the last time you visited a doctor? Okay we might sound a bit scientific here.  You need Regular Testicular Self-Examination(TSE); TSE is a procedure where one can check your own balls (yes, showing yourself some love) for lumps and tenderness for early detection of cancer. It is a healthy and simple practice that can be adapted easily. More so, frequent screenings for STDs and regular physician visits are very essential in keeping the male reproductive system healthy and ideal to keep your prince away from conditions like inflammation and hydrocele

Don’t allow it to get traumatized; Penis trauma is the shock that the penis or testicles experience when the groins suffer a hit. During sports and exercises wear protective gears, in physical fighting or perhaps a love game avoid shocking the testicles because it may result into a serious health condition including the penis not functioning.


Practice Safe Sex; If it is not on, the sex is not safe fam. Use a condom (for those above the age of 18), as it serves multiple purposes, protecting from STIs, HIV/AIDs and unwanted pregnancies, killing three birds with one stone!


You are now done with reading, which was step one of keeping the prince healthy. Move on to step two by putting these into practice to keep cancers and premature ejaculations at bay.


  1. Frank

    Amazing article… loved it .. Will tell my friends to start visiting health workers regularly to keep penis on point.. practicing safe sex is a must …

  2. Frank

    Amazing article… loved it .. Will tell my friends to start visiting health workers regularly to keep their penis on point.. practicing safe sex is a must …

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