We all go through that stage in life when we experience physical changes in our bodies. These changes can take several years. Some experience them at 40, 30, 20 years of age but the most experience these changes usually between 10 to 17 years, which is the adolescence stage.

Boy changes

Boys experience a wide range of body changes and these include;

  • There is an early change in the testicles getting bigger as they start producing semen. The penis also gets bigger and pubic hair is seen to grow on the scrotum and above the penis.
  • The voice breaks and deepens, it may crack occasionally along the way but that will pass.
  • Start to grow beards and the hair on the body will probably get thick too with time.
  • Begin to sweat more under the arms and the sweat may smell different and strong/unpleasant. Yeah this is normal. But a deodorant comes in handy.

Girl changes

Girls experience body changes in a sequence of events and they usually begin before boys of the same age. Each girl is different and may progress through these changes differently. Some of these changes include;

  • The breasts develop, become large in size and tender.
  • The hips widen.
  • Increased body fat/weight is a normal part of puberty. Girls need to have a certain amount of body fat for the health of the menstrual cycle.
  • Growing brings hair to various body parts like under the arms and in the genital areas.
  • The body also starts sweating during puberty and this causes a body odor.
  • Some girls may get acne [a skin condition usually on the face] or pimples that go with time.
  • Start menstruating

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