Plot: A constructive time where friends get together to hangout, have fun, create a positive impact and have the best time of their lives (Source: SautiPlus Dictionary)

With this new definition, we would like to introduce the major plot of every January: The Peer Educators Academy! That’s right fam, it is back with all the juice and sauce. With the official hashtag #PEA2018 in your online spaces, this is the place to be at come 3rd to 31st January 2018. Let us explain what is coming to you in a few words. Read this like you are reading for an exam.

  • The Hub for all things SRHR, Livelihoods and skills development and leadership

The peer educators academy is the one stop centre for all things SRHR, Livelihoods and skills development, and leadership. Forget the many lies the internet may give you, or that corridor kiboozi where folks just say things fwaa (those ones who tell you that sex in a swimming pool won’t get you pregnant). Come to the academy where we give you the information straight outta the most reliable sources, with trainers who know how to talk about it without taking you off track or making you dose like you had cassava for lunch.

  • New Friends

Key aspect. We know you already have that squad that understands you word for word, but who ever fell sick because they have made new friends? Besides, the people you will meet here will have shared interests in the work you are going to be doing through the entire Peer program, so you can easy click. You won’t even have to let go of your current squad, you will just update it

  • Knowledge

Oh the things you learn! The academy teaches a variety of subjects beyond the core of SRHR. From business management and entrepreneurship, to leadership skills, teamwork, talent development and many more. You will learn my friend, you will learn and you will enjoy it.

  • You see them on TV, now you get to meet them

The different facilitators who come to talk about different topics will be faces you have seen on TV, billboards and even heard on radio. Now you will meet them in person, shake their hands, get their contacts, and who knows, you may start your way to a well mentored career.

  • The fun side

Of course, it is never that serious. You get to sing, dance (Every Friday with real dance trainers), debate, draw, draft your own games for others to take part in, and travel to various corners of the country as we volunteer for the health of our peers. Come get into your groove already.

If you are still out there arguing with your alter ego on whether to attend the academy or not, tell it to take a backseat and watch you sign up right here ( Then come be part of the biggest community of young people who are showing the world that we know our issues, and have the right skills to go around them while having the best time our young lives can allow us.

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