Q: Can guys be raped, too?

Senga 4 mins ago

Yes. Often, people hear the words “rape” or “sexual assault” and automatically figure the victim is female. This isn’t always true.

Males can be raped. Females, like male can rape people. Regardless of how rape is defined legally, being forced to do something sexually that you did not agree to is always wrong and can have lasting effects, regardless of your sex or the sex of the person who raped you.
A guy can be penetrated by a penis or object, anally, for example. And despite what some people think, a guy can also be forced to have vaginal intercourse. Just because a guy has an erection doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants sex. An erection is simply a response to stimulation a normal, involuntary reaction that the body has and it sometimes can happen out of fear, shock or for no clear reason at all.

It’s hard for anyone to report rape or sexual assault. A guy might feel like he’s not a “real man” if he was raped, or he may feel like no one would believe him because he’s been taught that guys should always want and have sex if the situation arises.

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