Q: Can you get an STD from someone who has never had sex or has never been sexually active?

Senga 4 mins ago

It is very unlikely, but possible. Some people, for example, are born with HIV, which they can pass to other people later in life when they start having sex. People can also pick up herpes through casual kissing — even from friends and family. Their herpes infections can then be passed on sexually.

The chances of this happening are rare, so it’s not something to spend time worrying about. On the other hand, it’s another one of the many good reasons to always use condoms when you have sexual intercourse.


  1. kaganzi phillimon

    thank you, that’s so right.
    and other infections such candidiasis can suddenly develop when one’s immunity is suppressed since candida normally inhabits the vagina therefore such a person can spread it to others for the first time they have unprotected sex.

  2. Farouk

    yes its possible so longer as that person z infected,whether she or he was born with it..

  3. dks

    I am two months pregnant but it looks like my tummy is bulging gradually. however I don’t want it to be visible, at least for the next two months. what do I do.?

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