Q: Is vaginal discharge normal?

Senga 4 mins ago

A woman normally produces a vaginal discharge that usually is described as clear or slightly cloudy, non-irritating, and odor-free. During the normal menstrual cycle, the amount and consistency of discharge can vary. At one time of the month, there may be a small amount of a very thin or watery discharge; and at another time, a more extensive thicker discharge may appear. All of these excretions could be considered normal.

A vaginal discharge that has an odor or that is irritating usually is considered an abnormal discharge. The irritation might be itching or burning, or both. The itching may be present at any time of the day, but it often is most bothersome at night. These symptoms often are made worse by sexual intercourse. It is important to see your qualified health worker if there has been a change in the amount, color, or smell of the discharge. Check out the list of health centers under our referral section.


  1. Allan

    it is normal to have a Virginal discharge because it helps to cleanse u up,
    however , the smell,color should be taken into consideration

  2. Dawin

    a normal vaginal discharge is always light, ourdless and not irritating. too heavy vaginal discharge, with any kind of odour, should alert you to visit the doctor. if you find your pants stained, then there must be something wrong

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