The internet could easily be one of the most brilliant discoveries of our time, but also one of the most dangerous places you can ever tread. It is an endless resource for information but also a hub of crime, vindictiveness, deceit and personal harm. How then, can you protect yourself from the potential dangers of this world wide web?

  • Safeguard your passwords and log in details with all your might. We have all heard of cases of hacking and impersonation most of which result from carelessly logging into public computers or leaving computers open in public spaces.

  • Limit the information you disclose Online. We have heard cases of stalkers and con artists who use public information online to target unsuspecting people. Information on where you live or study, children, personal belongings and others can easily be used and manipulated by online thugs. You have to be mindful of how much information you allow the public to know about you online because this can easily be used against you

  • Social media is one of the things that come with the internet and this too has been as much a resource as much danger. Your well being and mental health can easily be compromised depending on your social media habits and what you consume on the internet. Be mindful of who you follow, what you browse and ensure you are not sucked into the deceitful world of what most people portray on social media.

  • Have self-discipline. This is key in enabling you sahe guard yourself on the internet. With discipline, you are able to know what to search, where to search and when to stop. This helps you in the event that certain things trigger anger and self-pity within you, you can always stay away from them.


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