On June 27th, 2024, it was an eventful evening at the quadrangle in YMCA Buwambo. Students gathered eagerly for the screening of the much-anticipated film, “Sabotage.” The movie began at 7:40 PM and quickly turned what started as a subdued atmosphere into an electrifying cinematic experience.

“Sabotage,” produced by Sauti Plus Media Hub, features a star-studded cast including Stella Natumbwe, Sharifa Ali, Denid Kinan, and Nampanga Pelly. The gripping drama revolves around a career-driven woman who, while preparing for her dream traditional wedding, discovers she is pregnant with her father-in-law’s child. The film’s intense storyline and powerful performances left the students awestruck.

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Throughout the screening, the audience was especially captivated by scenes depicting rape and its devastating consequences. These pivotal moments in the film elicited strong reactions, with many students expressing their amazement at the compelling narrative.

Ibet Martha, a student from the catering class, shared her takeaway from the film: “I learned that as girls, we should not keep quiet about injustices.” Similarly, other students reflected on the importance of being cautious about whom to trust.

Madit Charles, the Vice President of YMCA Buwambo, emphasized the life lessons he gleaned from the movie. “Everyone should utilize the chances they have in life. Patience is also crucial,” he remarked, highlighting the film’s themes of opportunity and perseverance.

The screening also ignited a newfound interest among students in participating in future films and series. Those from journalism and catering classes were particularly keen to get involved in the creative process. To facilitate this, Sauti Digital Fellows provided registration forms for students to submit their details for potential future projects.

The movie showcase concluded at 10 PM, but the excitement lingered as students continued to discuss the film and its impact. Edgar Ojambo, addressing the students post-screening, encouraged them to speak out against sexual harassment and avoid manipulation. He also explained the role of Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) and Sauti in advocating for social behavioral change among the youth.

The screening of “Sabotage” not only entertained but also educated and inspired the students, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

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