Many myths and misconceptions exist about the various forms of contraception. People use these myths as excuses as to why they do not use any contraception. Don’t be like these people and put yourself at risk of unwanted pregnancy and STIs. Below we will debunk 5 common contraception myths so there is no excuse as to why you are not using an established form of contraception.


“You can use plastic wrap or a balloon if you don’t have a condom”

Condoms are specifically designed and tested to provide a good fit and protection during sex. Homemade condoms such as using plastic wrap or a balloon are not alternatives to using a condom. They can easily tear, meaning those pesky sperm can escape and reach the egg. Balloons are for birthday parties and not for sex!

“You can use any type of lubricant with condoms”

Oil based lubricants degrade the condom, making them ineffective. Steer clear of vaseline, massage oil, hand lotion, and any other oil based lubricants to make sure your condom does not tear. Instead, make a trip to your nearest pharmacy and pick up water-based and silicone-based lubes that are perfectly ok to use with latex condoms. Don’t try and be creative and use a DIY lube.

“Long term pill use can affect fertility”

There is no connection between taking the pill and fertility issues. Some of the confusion between the pill and infertility may actually be due to natural causes. Many women stop taking the pill when they are ready to start a family, which is often at a time in her life when natural fertility starts to decline. Also, when you are not trying to get pregnant you may not have been aware of any fertility issues. These issues might only be discovered when you stop taking the pill. Fertility can return almost as soon as you stop taking the pill. It is therefore essential that you do not miss a pill.

“My partner will feel my IUD during sex”

Neither you or your partner should be able to feel your IUD (Intrauterine Devices) when you are getting intimate. You will be able to feel the strings, which your partner very occasionally may be able to feel during sex. The strings are soft enough so they should not affect pleasure. If the strings are causing discomfort, your doctor can trim them for you.

“The pill is effective immediately after you begin taking it”

For most women, the hormones in the pill (oral contraceptive) take at least one week to interact with her natural hormones to prevent ovulation. If you are trying to prevent pregnancy you must be using another form of contraception alongside the pill when you first start taking it. To be effective, you must take the pill how your doctor directs you to.

Stay safe and only use contraceptive methods and lubricants how you are directed to by your doctor. Contraceptive methods do not affect pleasure nor do they have long-term side effects. Stop making or listening to excuses as to why you should not be on contraception. If taken properly, contraception can be your best friend, not your enemy.



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