Social media has overwhelmingly become the new age addiction amongst us, pretty much overtaking drugs. What started out as a modern way of communication grew into the hub of social perfection and snobbery. Once, while overhearing a random conversation, someone mentioned that being popular on Facebook is like sitting at the cool table in a cafeteria of a mental hospital. They meant that yes, you just might be cool, but very few people out here may know that. From outside looking in, it’s hard not to see the madness of it all. It’s allmost like what you present yourself as on social media is more important than who you really are. Some people go to such lengths as to actually buy likes and views from companies such as The Marketing Heaven who capitalize on one’s desperation to become more popular.

We are all aware of the effects of being a social media addict. Some of these include; fabricated popularity, jealousy, bullying to mention but a few. We could do all the research in the world and read all sorts of articles (except this one- wink :)-) to help cope with this contagious disease. However, it is no doubt that the best remedy is self confidence.

Self-confidence is about embracing who you are both in and out, accepting it, loving it and living out a life with that state of mind. It’s that annoying phrase teachers and parents tell you all the time when you seek advice, but it is the truth that we keep ignoring as young people. Self-confidence is the most essential tool for us to overcome most of the challenges we face, because you feel it in your gut that you are already good enough no matter what the world paints as nice before your eyes.

Let’s take this scenario.  As you scroll through your Instagram, you come across a well edited picture of a couple. The guy comparable to a Vogue Italian model is lifting this so – called curvy chic in fitted denim jeans and a cute yellow bandeau. You can immediately sense the intimacy between them through their facial expressions. And you go, relationship goals!

However, if you are content with your relationship status and are aware of Photoshop, the likelihood that you would feel envious of the couple is very slim. With this confidence; you will have extinguished the pressure to create fake online self-portrayals of any form.

So, if you do not have many followers on Instagram, embrace the fact that you have friends in real life. Accept that, love the reality of your authentic social life and you won’t fuss about it again. FYI, one real friend is more than a thousand followers! (Bet you didn’t know that). Besides, you have more to benefit if you are running to social media for information on your health, picking life skills, searching for opportunities and for memes to brighten your day. That requires less effort than using all the filters and looking out for expensive outfits to impress folks that will only like your post and move on.


Truthfully, adapting a mindset of self-love is challenging in such a subjective society. However, it’s up to us to find the willpower to do so. Nobody can grow your confidence except yourself. Remember that it is a mental battle not an online one.

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