"Is it true that girls who use contraception cannot menstruate? ~ Anonymous" - Anonymous

"While this is possible, it is important for us to acknowledge that everyone has a different and unique experience using contraception. While one may not menstruate at all, another may have heavier or lighter periods while another’s cycle may not be affected in any noticeable way."

"Can you can get pregnant while on your period?" - Suzan

"It's very uncommon, but it is possible since having your period doesn’t predict when you will release an egg which has to be present for sperm to begin the process of conception. Additionally, since sperm can live inside your uterus for up to 5 days, if you release an egg during these 5 days you run the risk of getting pregnant. Due to the unpredictability of your cycle, if you want to avoid pregnancy it’s important to use contraception even when you are menstruating."

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