Q: Can I stay with a very jealous boyfriend?

How can manage a relationship where I am being blackmailed by my partner? I am only 21 but am in a relationship where every time I ask for breakup from my boyfriend he threatens to kill himself and he has also tried doing so several times. He is so jealous that he hates seeing me with anyone. It is so suffocating because I cannot make other friends. What can I do, this breaks me down so much?

Senga 4 mins ago

Many times we get deceived that to love is to be jealous that true love is when it hurts to see the other with another but we are wrong, that is selfishness so if he really loves you, he should be willing to trust you with other people. Therefore if they can’t trust you with another person especially the opposite sex. Then he is not in love with you but lusts to spend time with you. I recommend that instead of stressing yourself with how what you do might make them feel takeoff time to better yourself as an individual those, who love you will understand you and respect the decisions that you make regardless.


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