Q: Can I find love as I keep my vow of virginity till Marriage?

Hey Sauti Senga, my name is Maria and I am 24 years old living in Masaka. I have been dating for quite a while now- matter of fact, since I felt sexually active. However, I have never lay down with any man, I am a virgin and I want it to stay that way. I have emotions, I fall in love, but I want to keep my purity for the man who will put a ring on it. It’s very sad that I have almost failed to get love especially when I tell my companions about my ‘no sex till marriage’ vow and other young people think I am not normal. What should I do?

Senga 4 mins ago

I am very much aware and sure that abstinence is one sure way to protect yourself from very many things like having an unplanned for pregnancy, STIs and whatnot. Abstinence isn't a crime and it doesn't mean that you are abnormal and you need to believe that in yourself before anyone else does.

Very many young men today fall in love because of the promise of sex that it often comes with but that is not a requirement for love and you shouldn’t drop your guard at that- People practising abstinence can also fall in love, all you have to do is make sure your partner understands your stand and why you have decided that path.
May Love fall on you!


  1. spotless

    its possible…. just have to let them know about your intentions fro. the start before going too deep into the relationship.

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