Ever had your ka sibling ask you a homework question and you don’t know the answer? About a week ago my little sister who just completed senior four asked me about something. She was shy about it at first, but as an older brother and her being the only girl of four, she opened up to me. We are that cool, yoh! 

She hesitated but in a shaky voice said, “I was chilling with friends yesterday and one of my pals hinted on a tampon, I don’t know what it is but she said it had something to do with menstruation.” I told her to grab a cup of chai mukalu and join me on the veranda so that  I could explain her wonder. I felt it important to share with you because I understand that many of us have either a sister, girlfriend, cousin or crush (that ka nice babe in your neighbourhood) that would utilise this information.


As the conversation went on even deeper, her face indicated that she wanted to inquire more. Then she asked, “but bro what is the difference between the [sanitary] pads and these tampons?” Now, sis, I told her, “you have used pads and you know that they operate by soaking the blood after it exits the vagina. However, the tampons soak the blood from inside the vagina and before it reaches  the vulva.”   


A tampon is inserted inside the vagina, and its job is to soak the blood and not collect blood like the menstrual cup. So, out of the three, tampon and the menstrual cup are invasive, and require insertion inside the vagina. I went on to explain that pads, on the other hand, are the least invasive method of period protection, which is why they are the most popular among women of reproductive age. But pads also differ, there are regular pads, which are non-biodegradable (disposable) and reusable sanitary pads, which are biodegradable (environment-friendly) and require regular washing and drying after every use.  

In my discussion with my only cool little sis, I emphasised that order to dispose off a sanitary pad, she ought to wrap it properly in a waste bag or toilet paper so that it does not open and keep in a non-degradable waste bin. When she asked which product is the best among all, I told her that all are good products but it is upon her to use what suits her best. 

As I  walked away she asked again, “what is the difference between the vulva and vagina”. I told her to first allow me to get more chai mukalu for another wrap.


  1. Spire

    that’s more than being a big bro to became a hero for sure I don’t think I have the carriage to explain it to my little sis for real you are a hero

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  • * A tampon is inserted inside the vagina, and its job is to soak the blood and not collect blood like the menstrual cup.

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