Usually at the mention of the word cancer we fret, and we should-because many types of cancers are incurable if they reach an advanced stage. But yo, if you are vigilant enough, you don’t have to fret. As the bearers of good news, we tell you that every cancer is curable if detected early.

You must have heard of cervical cancer. It is one of the commonest cancers among women, but also the most preventable. So today, let’s look at a few tips for you protect your fine self from it. Let’s read on, shall we?

Abstain. Like, it is almost a sure bet. Here is the drill; cervical cancer almost never occurs to virgins but highly occurs in women who have already had sex. Why? Because the Human Papilloma Virus that causes it is sexually transmitted. Also, adolescent girls should really consider this because their bodies are still developing, and no cervix is as easily damaged by this cancer as a developing one. Whoever thought virginity or abstinence was a boring lifestyle, you need to rethink that Yo.

This one’s for you the guys.  Did you know that it is the man who carries the HPV and transmits it to the woman? Darn right, so if you are shook, you’ll remember that if you are out to ride, you got to ride safe. As in, if you wear a helmet when jumping onto the boda, why shouldn’t you wrap up when going to have sex. With all the available male and female condoms available-for free even, y’all shouldn’t really slacken on this one. The condom got you!

There is a vaccination against HPV for every girl, so go get yours, and drag your little sister, cousin and niece for theirs. Don’t leave your dose at the health centres for anyone else. Even if you are abstaining, there is no harm in vaccinating. A double shield against any infection is a set hook up for you.

Should you hear of any health call for cervical cancer screening like most of our outreaches, go get screened. Be in the know, and in control of your health. Have routine tests so that precancerous conditions of the cervix are detected and treated. in order to prevent cervical cancer.  

Stay away from smoke whether passive or active as much as you can. Smoking weakens the body’s immune system making it harder to kill cancerous cells. When this happens, cancer cells keep growing without being stopped. Allow us to go scientific here just to drive the point home. Smoking changes a cell’s DNA, and it can then grow out of control and create a cancer tumor. Take this from us, avoid smoking.

Now if you are diagnosed with cervical cancer after the screening, no need to worry. If it is till at an early stage, there are some treatment methods including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The choice of treatment depends on the size of the tumor, whether the cancer has spread and whether you would like to be a mom  someday.

If you are in your prime and you feel you got your A game, girl get up and get that test. Has someone ever told you – the earlier, the better? Yup, there is no earlier better than now!

By Naigaga Matilda Ritah

Peer Educator



  1. Claire Margaret

    thanks a lot. there’s alot to learn from this platform. kindly communicate the next outreach program about cervical cancer here in Kampala
    thanks again

  2. Claire Margaret

    thanks a lot. there’s alot to learn from this platform. kindly communicate the next outreach program about cervical cancer here in Kampala
    thanks again

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