I turned 24 years old last  week. Old, LOL! More like I turned 24 years young! I am one year away from a quarter of a century of life, proof that young as I may be, I have been around for quite some time. Our usual societal perception of someone standing at my age now would call for speeches with lines like, “you are a grown up now” and “you have many manly expectations to face”, and in so doing tend to ignore the fact that you can be young and grown up at the same time. So, let us break those barriers and understand what being young really stands for.

Being young is not just the youthfulness vibrating in your body and spirit, it is the   ability to make it through both rough and smooth times, as when you become old, some of these tides may be  too much for your body or mind to navigate.

It is a time to make mistakes and learn from them. Do not be fazed when some things go wrong. Mistakes have young people on top of their target list, and believe me, they always catch us not just once or ten times. So, as you try out your hand at various things, expect yourself to touch some wrong buttons to spur a mistake that may be bigger than you ever thought. The difference between you today and the  older you tomorrow  is that you should learn from every mistake and channel its negativity to become a positive learning experience.

This is the time to work fam. When you still have the physical and emotional strength to carry on, break the borders of your limits and chase your ever fast moving dreams. When your posture is still upright and your walk can still be called swag, match the speed of life with your youthful vibe and do as much as you can so that you can work less when your body is starting to grow tired. Take it from me, we are in a stage where heaven is the limit-the sky is simply too low for us.

Young means focused. As a young person, you should find what is right for you and give it as much attention as you possibly can. Young focused people always do more in a short time, and when you combine youth and focus, success finds its way to the end of that equation.

Here positivity reigns supreme. Cast away all the negative energy. If your life were a computer, negative vibes should be sent to the recycle bin, and then deleted from there as well. Uninstall negativity from your life. Right now of all times, it is the last thing you need.

Finally, it is a time to live. Unlike vampires that stay young for a very long time, for us normal humans it is only a short while. Go on make that short while worthwhile. Live for today like there is no tomorrow, because you are only young once.

Get out there and take life by the horns- hey, you have the youthful vibe to do so! Through your youthful experience, perfect your life patterns. Own up to your mistakes because you are young, and not a child. It is children who are allowed not to own up to their faults. From a young man to you my fellow young people, here is one thing to remember; what a time to be alive!

Story by; Slyvester Nnyombi

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  1. Brenda

    Amazing lol wuuuuuuuuuhhhh feel like somthg huge has gone of f me feel light!!!!!!! thanks dearest mucb love wow +++++on my self esteem big ups

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