Smelly feet are easily one of the most embarrassing things to have to deal with, especially if you’re heading over to visit someone else’s house or even the mosque, and you have to worry about taking your shoes off.

Are you tired of having to deal with this issue? Here are a few different ways that you can start working with to end this problem once and for all. There are quite a few different reasons that your feet could be stinking up the place and these could be one of;

Sweaty Feet

It is common to have sweaty feet sometimes, but excessive sweating can indicate a condition called hyperhidrosis. Sweaty can also lead to other health issues, such as foot odor and athlete’s foot.

Poor Hygiene

Initially, said dermatologist Dr. Lauren Ploch, the skin would become oily or dry and become infected with fungus or yeast and then bacteria. The dirt on the skin could then cause warty growths.


Stress- is also linked to stinky feet. This sweat, however, is made up of different ingredients than regular heat.  It’s a different type of sweat gland, and it typically leads to a worse smell.

Here are some of the things you can do to battle stinky feet;

Practice good hygiene.

Keep your feet clean, dry and cool. Endeavor to wash your feet as you take a bath or when they get really dirty or dusty. Remember to dry them off after and not put them into shoes while they are still wet.

Try a spray or some baby powder.

Purchase some baby powder and sprinkle some in between your toes to keep them dry. If you are very willing, you could go ahead and buy deodorant for your feet. Yes, they do exist! These can reduce the odor.

Change your socks at least once a day.

Some of us will wear one pair of socks for days on end and not expect consequences like smelly feet. It is bound to result in that! Also the type of socks one wears matter. Nylon causes more sweating and thus stinky feet. Invest in some cotton or wool socks

Try not to wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row

Shoes need some time to dry out the sweat that accumulates from your feet during the day. However, should it happen that you have just one pair of convenient shoes, remember to aerate them. You can leave them outside for a bit.

Keep your toenails short and clean, and remove any hard skin with a foot file (it can become soggy when damp, which provides an ideal home for bacteria).

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