Here, we are going to discuss love,  and how to protect ourselves when in love.

What is love? According to the English Oxford dictionary, love is both nouns and verbs, it’s specifically described as an “intense feeling of deep affection”, but being emotional beings genuinely we have to continuously ask “what is love ?” As it varies from person to person.

What does love mean to you?

Well, we all perceive love differently;

I would say that love is personal, love is internalised by an individual, through things as love languages. Love is physical, love is emotional, love is spiritual, love is infinite even our creator must’ve loved us soo much to give us the divine favour and encouragement to be here and to move how we move as individuals and in society. 


Is love negated or different when it comes to gender?

Love is genderless, I repeat and emphasize love is genderless and everyone has the right to express their love regardless of assigned gender, sex or sexuality. Love however is blind mostly due to the spectrum of its frequency and we can often not pay attention to things we normally would because of love. 

Love heightens some emotions including lust, young people would call it “roasting” or “feeling horny ? “ but it’s very important to still protect ourselves when such emotions occur. 


How to protect yourself when in love?

It is important to regularly get tested regardless of being in a committed relationship or not. Condoms are most effective as they guard against unwanted pregnancy, STI’s and urinary tract infections, but there are also many alternatives plus the accessibility to healthcare surrounding sexual reproductive health.

As young people, we mostly acknowledge our freedom, and at the end of the day, we can’t be hindered especially when love is involved. It is important to know that we have access to health services in order to keep ourselves safe, despite holding onto just the stronghold of love that usually holds us mentally, physically, and emotionally.


We are the future and it’s vital to make safe decisions because we highly contribute to the development of the nation, but also to ensure wellness going forth in this algorithm we call life.

Written Happy Michelle Twakira-Rwami

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