It is just a few days into the New Year, so we still have the gap to squeeze in a “happy New Year” to y’all. 2016 is behind our backs, and we are busy cementing the friendships we built while in it.

The kafunda down street and the bar in town are taking our Happy New Year mood very seriously, so you will hear the happy hour call checking in regularly. Then we are still young people, so by right, we should go out. So before you holla at the squad to go out, here are a few tips on having that party lit, while keeping safe.

Know the Gang

Stop going out fwaa! Try as hard as you can not to go out alone because when stuff goes south, no one is going to have your back. When you are out with other people, make sure you know them and are safe with them. Do not underestimate the power of a crowd, especially an anonymous one.

Don’t Dare The Drink

Pombe Sio Suupu. You should know how much alcohol your body can hold and try not to beat that limit. There is so much liquor in the stores that even if you drank like a fish, you wouldn’t finish it. So why not drink just enough for you to control, so you can come back another day? When you pass out, you are too exposed to theft, rape or even death. Don’t bite more than you can chew.

Keep the Rubber Close.

Important, to both dudes and babes. Should the night get a little too saucy, have the condom and play it safe. Even if it doesn’t get there, just have the rubber.

Know your ‘NO’

Sometimes you’ll meet someone and they will be too sleek. However, you may have decided you are saying no to the advances, but then again, the person is so sleek that you are almost convinced. Now if you have decided to say NO, stand by it. No temptation is sleek enough to expose you to sexual and fatal dangers.

Finally; Slay

Wear the catchy clothes, apply that make up, get your haircuts, know your songs and dance moves. Be that person that will give your friends a great time from the way you look to the way you have your fun. Be the one that chics and guys alike would love to meet.

However, always remember that fun is good, but when you are careful, you ensure that you can have some more of it on another day, and you live to narrate the tales. I have played my part, go nail that party.


  1. byaruhanga Frank

    Young people should learn to say NO is NO!!!!!!! Can’t be changed..

    Thanks Mr. Nnyombi

  2. Quincy

    Já não causa tanto espanto sabermos que meninas com idades entre dez e doze anos tenham vida sexual ativa, assim como aparecem em consultórios
    em posto de saúde, portando alguma doença sexualmente transmissível (DSTs) e ou grávida.

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