Let’s get this straight, we don’t mean using them as condoms or pills.

Believer it or not, the munchies (for slow people, food), are a natural form of universal medicine. Did you also know though, that among the ailments and conditions it relieves is a wide range of STDs, which by the way, you may be very exposed to? Yes, we said it. The many foods you eat can be real medicine to some of those infections that just might endanger your sexuality.

Yoghurt is one of them. We know you might be laughing at us but yoghurt is one of the most commonly consumed quick meals among teens. It strikes the balance between food and drink. Satisfying and very delicious, right? Well, ladies, this same yoghurt has the power of restoring the natural pH in a woman’s system and this is very important in curbing STDs. Once the pH is imbalanced, threat of STD contraction is increased.

Doctors also advise that occasionally washing the vagina with yoghurt kills the protozoa within and returns a natural flora to it. However, mainly plain yoghurt is advised for this, so you can spare the strawberry and vanilla for drinking only. Luckily, plain yoghurt is not hard to find either. Creameries like Fresh Dairy and Milkman already have plain yoghurt out on the stalls almost everywhere, at very affordable prices.

Enter garlic. Many times when you cook, you will find garlic as one of your ingredients. Garlic has a remarkable reputation for cleansing the entire body system in both males and females. Its power in dispensing STD and STI carrying germs is almost unrivalled. However, the complaint against it is how sticks to the breath, and we know you might have been thinking about this. Well, worry no more, you do not have to eat a whole one. A little garlic taken as a supplement is enough to keep germs at bay. However, it is not guaranteed that it will work for all conditions.

Cranberry juice is another. When you step out to an expensive place with friends, don’t ask for soda! When the waiter comes around, ask for cranberry juice. It is an excellent cure for Urinary Tract Infections. It increases the acidity of urine and the bladder, to make the tract more hostile towards bacteria. If you haven’t gone to such a place, you can buy a bottle full of cranberry juice by Pure Heaven in any supermarket. A litre goes for only 6000 UGX. Affordable, tasty and very helpful.

The list goes on; neem tree, aloe vera oil, lemon juice and some very obvious ones like tea. So the next time you are out on a date with bae, or just in need of a meal, you might want to keep these in mind.

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