One of the biggest vices today is entitlement. We got peeps who think that they should get anything and everything that they desire. Unfortunately, the world is not engineered that way. If you need/want something, you ask for it, work for it, or buy it- and that is not any different from sex.

Lately, there are many disturbing cases of sexual assault and rape. We often see victim’s friends on social media talking about the difficult phases of life that the victims went through, the depression and fatigue.

Consent is something very much known yet very less practiced. Many young people take advantage of others hiding behind the veil of ‘she was drunk’ or ‘she wanted it and that’s why she came to my place.’

According to the dictionary, consent means- permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.

Put that into context of a sexual relationship and you’ll know that consent is a voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. If you have any sexual contact with anyone without consent, that is regarded as rape or sexual violence by all means.

Be it your girlfriend, fiancee, wife, or best friend, it’s so 19-OO to engage them in any sexual activity without seeking consent- it doesn’t matter whether they are stoned af or they have blacked out. Taking advantage of any person because of their vulnerability or inability to defend themselves is wrong and this leaves everlasting scars of pain in their lives often leading to depression, self blame and hate and other psychological problems.

Asking for consent doesn’t only end in the bedroom or between the sheets however, for the case of this blog, you should ask for consent before; Kissing, touching, groping, giving a hug, sexual intercourse.

What does consent sound like? Definitely, Yes, sure, of course, worth a try, let’s do it, and anything else positive.

A NO is always a NO and it doesn’t matter whether he/she is smiling when saying NO or not. Also be reminded that, Consent cannot be given by someone who is intoxicated, unconscious, or otherwise considered incapable of giving their consent. Consent can also not be freely given if it follows a threat to personal safety, or threatens to harm others.

To throw better light on this, in the event that your partner agrees to sexual activity but later on gets intoxicated by drugs, unconscious, or drunk, it no longer matters whether they said yes/gave consent earlier. You should stop any sexual activity lest you commit a crime.

Let’s all be our brother’s keeper, let’s look out for one another, and most of all, let’s preach the gospel of consent to our brothers, sisters, and friends.


  1. Vincent Lubega

    This generation is very critical,it needs more attention than ever.
    A big thanks to Reach A Hand Uganda hence for the creation of the Sautiplus platform.
    Many young people are on social media and this is the very platform where they can access information that will help them live a better life.

  2. Hassan opolot

    for real it’s always vital for permission B4 any actually activity take plc

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