On a chilly Friday evening, Kampala added to its classic collection an event that has stamped its mark on the lane of the film industry in Uganda and possibly, Africa. Reach a Hand Uganda (RAHU) and Emmanuel Ikubese Films premiered the long-awaited television show, “Kyaddala: It’s Real” at the magnificent Kingdom Kampala.

With a star-studded cast from across Africa, the TV show is set out for young people to help them address the many challenges they go through such as teenage pregnancies, HIV and life choices. 

Covered in glitz and glamour, the premiere had a famed list of musicians and artists who put voice and melody to what was simply a beautiful evening. Understanding the clout and impact they have on young people, musicians wield influence in helping young people make the right reproductive health choices and decisions. 

The soulful Kenneth Mugabi immersed the guests in his honeyed melody as he strung the guitar. Every song sweeter than the other, the very substance of poetry came to life as guests sang along to his replenishing sound that seemingly captured souls.


The evening was just starting, the musical journey, too. When Allan Toniks took to the stage to deliver his performance, there was no doubt that this out-and-out talent was going to have people on their feet. He adjusted the microphone, held his guitar firm, tuned it and when he let fly his voice, it was a romance that the crowned desperately wanted. 

With a full house, Geosteady unleashed his versatility when he hit the stage with a traditional music and dance group that left the auditorium in rapturous applause. The singer/songwriter is one of the contributors to the music that was used in the Kyaddala; It’s Real TV show. 

Just when it seemed like there was no higher to go, vocalist Naava Grey and Kampala Music School served a delightful orchestral interlude performing Kyaddala the theme song of the series. As she hit all the right notes, it was a veritable thrill to listen to the musicality that filled the auditorium further sending guests into even more rapturous applause. 

Nutty Neithan closed the performances as the premiere went live on NBS Katchup with Anita Fabiola, who is one of the casts of the TV show that will start showing soon.

Humphrey Nabimanaya, the Founder and Team Leader RAHU appreciated the impact of arts in communicating the reproductive health message to the young people. He reflected on how RAHU leverages arts to create a more conscious generation of young people capable of making informed decisions about their lives.



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    let me take this opportunity to thank the funders and RAHU team at large

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