Is a woman cheating any different from a man cheating?

We use the term cheating a lot, and literally, everyone has a different perception about it.

Typically, cheating means engaging in sexual or romantic relations with a person other than one’s significant other, breaking a commitment or promise in the act. We want to say that there is no specific way to define cheating because for as long as there has been a relationship, there have been two romantic partners, and who knows, some partners are “kinky” enough to have multiple partners but they have themselves confined to either a written or sort of mental agreement, often referred to as an open relationship, a topic we shall touch on in the future. Often in normal and kinky relationships, there is a foundation of trust and other values appreciated by either the couple or society that when broken, offend and can simply be termed as cheating where the term applies.

Alright let’s get to the real deal, how is a woman cheating any different from a man cheating, now this is where we all end up agreeing to disagree but anyways now that we bring it out, we have to say, is anyone else bedazzled by the dumbfounded expression given by people when they talk about a woman having cheated on her partner, all of a sudden everyone generates a different opinion about her, then you hear comments like,” how could she.,” she has no shame, how was she raised??” And when it actually turns out to be vice versa ,they bring out their usual statements of ,  “men will be mn OR men are like that”  basically it’s so absurd how society has made it look like women are wired to persevere and cling to one man, be it marriage or any other relationship despite of the sideline story that is attached to her actions , that one mistake covers up all her positive aspects making it look like she’s accountable to the rest of the society for her actions and decisions, something we would like to call the “mother Mary effect” where women are put on a pedestal and expected to be righteous and all. We must say, this makes sense since the woman is meant to raise the nation and the world in general, for instance, remember the first time you found out your teacher in primary had a vice or a habit, like smoking or drinking, how did you feel? Probably rushed to judge them, right? but as of now, where you are in life, do you still feel the same?

People cheat, even happy couples cheat, allow us to raise a glass to those who don’t, we need more of you in this world. So we guess it’s safe to say that by this time you’ve realized our concern is why does it matter whether it’s a male or female? Well…after carrying out a small-scale survey that opened up heated arguments among the young people, with the information that we got leaving personal feelings aside definitely we have to say;

A woman cheating is different from a man cheating, NOT that we are trying to get men off the hook or justifying their actions, but the majority will have to agree with me, that cheating doesn’t have to be sex only, it can be continuous flirting and disregarding your relationship to fulfill your desires talking to and spending more quality time with another person other than your partner. In most cases, if a woman is to cheat, emphasis on “most cases”, she’s probably looking for something that is not being provided in the relationship she’s in at the moment, so most times the third party is a potential replacement for her partner. Whereas, when a man cheats, whether it did involve flirting or not, most men don’t need to have a motive or emotional attachment to sleep with other women. Men usually cheat simply because the opportunity presented itself and, in most cases, they perceive these women to be inferior to their lovers sometimes it’s simply just for just, which is not the same case for women. To wind things up, Women may tend to cheat, replacing their partners selectively with superior lovers or more affectionate persons, meaning the incidence of cheating is higher when they don’t feel appreciated, loved, or understood, and for men, well men will be men, Hehe. Though I think it’s also important to note that some people are just like that, they’ll cheat and cheat whether or not they are satisfied in their relationship.

Well as the cup gets tastier and hotter, that brings us to the end of this article, but …. (Drum roll) …. we’ll be having a vlog on the same topic, later on, to look more into this as we share our opinions with some guests that we shall have on the show.

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