Burna Boy (y’all know him!) posted on his YouTube handle “Everyone please use this COVID-19 times to really find out what your true purpose in this world is, train your mind and body to the fullest…  Let conscience and confidence lead you all” With that said what could we take away from his words and this period? We all know the lockdown has made life excessively boring, we are undergoing routines we did not see ourselves doing like jogging as the first thing we do after breakfast since we don’t have pretty much to do but hey we got you, here a couple of things that could be of interest if you felt idle.

1.    Learn a new skill

There is a wide range of skills to uncover that we may have had in you. For the guys, we can take up culinary skills, hit the kitchen and make those eggs with guidance from YouTube. Knitting is another interesting skill, imagine making yourself a cool face mask which may give you swag among your buddies.

Try out writing, poems, stories, and letters, wow your partner or friend or family member with a heart-melting message amidst these times. Advance your Ball handling skills be it rugby, soccer, basketball, netball whatever game you play since it is the time you can polish these skills. Through personal reflection, you can add up to your skills.

2.    Get a new hustle

Looking out at the opportunities that COVID-19 has brought us, a new hustle can be as simple as picking and delivering food for neighbors at a cost since you may have a bike or energy to walk to the market. Training your neighbor’s kids a skill or school stuff since you may be good at English, maths, and science. Through the soft skills learned like making liquid soap this can be sold at local shops in your hood.

Become an influencer or vocal on your social media by engaging in impactful conversations online using social media not limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but expound further to TikTok you may be the next big thing on media.

3.    New knowledge

“Knowledge is power” learning and reading is a key pointer of gaining knowledge. During this COVID-19 lockdown, you can enroll yourself on various free online lesson platforms like HP-eLearning, Philanthropy university or The Alison academy

There are many courses that you can enroll in. Enjoy and bond during these COVID-19 times.  Stay home!! Stay safe!!

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  • * “Knowledge is power” learning and reading is a key pointer of gaining knowledge.

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