Did you know that adolescents begin engaging in sexual intercourse by 16 or 17yrs of age?

Because as one grows up and one’s body starts changing, your emotions, moods, and sexual feelings are much stronger, and this can drive young people into indulging in sex. Due to ignorance, lack of access to accurate info and services pushes these young people into practicing risky sexual behaviors such as multiple sexual partners, unsafe sex, etc. As a result, they increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy.

Why get pregnant if you don’t want to? 

There are different kinds of contraception methods you can use to avoid unintended pregnancies. These methods can be short-term or long-term, they can be hormonal or non-hormonal. They include condoms, pills, IUDs among others

You can choose the method to use depending on which one works best for you and your partner.

You can also avoid getting pregnant by abstaining from ANY kind of sexual activities.

To understand more about Contraception, and the different methods, you can talk to the SAUTISsenga or dial 0800220333 for free.


Written By Mwanaisha Musa.

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