It was about the time! Not just any time though, it was Valen-time! The world had been through a 365-day long wait for this day, as it is the only one on the human calendar set aside for being in love, and showing it off.

Of course a Valentine’s hangout with bae was in order, and we all know watching a movie (while holding hands) is an age old way known for spending quality time on this day. Which brings us to the point; Ladies and Gentlemen, here is what made Valentines 2017-  #LoveMuKibanda!

This highly anticipated event was held at Busuyi Landing Site, Mayuge District in Eastern Uganda. It was an epic mash up of  three very key aspects of basic life; Fun, healthy living and love. For the first part of the day, we started by fine-tuning the health of all the guests, at or around the venue. This by the way was a comprehensive process.

We did door to door mobilization, taking the family planning message to the people and not waiting for them to come to us. We also did HIV testing and counseling at no cost. Need we add that condoms were free, even after a perfect demonstration of how to use them?

Hereafter, the edutainment started. Our cultural Geosteady and Nutty Neithan, who were joined by other artists Maro, VJ Junior, Coopy Bly and 256 Youth Platform. They chose not to go to the many Valentine’s concerts in town so as to join us to share some Eastern love and create a positive change. When they took to the stage, they performed song after song, putting up vigorous performances that ordinarily would be tens of thousands of shillings worth, for free.

At eventide, when the sun was golden enough to set a cozy environment, we hit the play option and ran the movie. We showcased the premiere of ‘Shuga’, with the translation done by VJ Junior himself. Lovers held hands and emotions burst out, because at that moment, the air was filled with so much love it was contagious.

It was a day to look forward to, and all those who made it to Busuyi Landing Site, we were very pleased to hang out with you. To our online friends, thanks for keeping it real by celebrating your cyber-valentine’s day with us. Till next time (for which we can’t wait), we say thank you again, and Adios!


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