Have you ever committed yourself to doing something and you never get down to doing it? For example, abstaining, eating healthy or even reading a book on a daily basis. We all have that specific thing that we commit to but never get to do. Today, let’s talk about abstinence.

Let’s face it anyway

We all know that abstaining is just not so possible, as people think and we also know that sex is not bad but rather, if  not careful, it can become an addiction. Worst case scenario is having multiple partners, which can be deadly leading  to Sexually Transmitted Infections and  diseases.

Why do we fail to abstain?

In most cases, we fail to abstain because we just can’t control ourselves , our desires, our addictions or, we could be at that  adolescent stage where we have a high sexual drive. The truth is, in most cases we might want to abstain but our bodies are highly demanding.

So what do you do at that time?

Feeling or having the sexual urge doesn’t necessarily mean you should have sex. It is hard to beat this feeling. However, you could work towards overcoming it.  These are some of the things we can do to control that urge.

Talk about it with your friends because they understand you more than you think and once you share with them, you may have the burden lifted.

Interrupt the urge, by playing a game or watching a series like Kyaddala It’s Real.

Channel your energy into something else. This can be sports, house chos or you can go out with your friends.

At first, this might be overwhelming, but as you know, effort always pays off. All you’ve got to do is  start then be and remain consistent in what you have decided. What you want is to build the habit first, and then go from there. The best part is, I became a happier person. Now, I understand this can be hard to get used to at first but I made it.

However, if you cannot do this, don’t burn with passion, kindly please use protection, your health matters and it should be a priority.

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