*This is a guest post by Akram Ssali

Growing up we have been consistently reminded to dream big. We are told that our dreams are valid. Sounds super easy and doable, right? People forget to tell us that it takes preparation, back breaking work and sweat to make these dreams come true. My dream since I was a young boy was to make an impact with the work I do. It took me a while to figure out how to Live this Dream. I set goals and started to work towards achieving them.  Halfway down the road, I had to restrategize, reorganize and attach purpose to what I was doing. That’s how I started working with the Peer Educators Academy.


As a Reach A Hand Peer Educator, I can without a doubt say that I am currently living my dream, doing work that matters in the community. It did not happen overnight, Over the years I have picked up a few tips and tricks on how to set goals to achieve those big dreams. I present to  you the Great 8Ps to help you make your dreams come true. Drum roll please…

Passion:  There is a saying that passion drives action which is entirely true because your passion determines your drive. If you are not passionate about something, you lose interest and give up. You always need to find what drives you, what is that one thing that you are passionate about? What is it? You need to identify what you are passionate about and set goals that will help you achieve it and finally succeed. I identified the things I am passionate about early and that has really propelled me to living my Dream


Plan: You might ask yourself what is the point of planning yet you have it all figured out. Sorry to burst your bubble but the failure to plan is a plan to fail. Plan because it helps you to work purposefully. The plan is what guides you on how to act smart, strategically. Always have a back-up plan. If Plan A fails you need to have Plan B lurking and waiting to save the day.  Most importantly, as you plan, your goals need to be realistic because you have to make that plan realistic for it to work.


Purpose: Everyone needs to know their purpose because it is like your life calling. Without a purpose, you feel like you are not fulfilled, its like you still discovering yourself or even living in denial. You are becoming a peer educator because you want to act purposefully and not just fwa fwa fwa.  Always ask yourself what is your purpose in life? If you know your passion, then you will be able to find your purpose. Your purpose is what makes your passion feel relevant. So find your purpose and enjoy fulfillment. For the longest time I felt unfulfilled because I did not know my purpose. Finding my purpose has helped to ground me.


People: Look at people as your network and remember the saying that goes “your network is your net worth” Remember! So RAHU brings all these motivational speakers, cultural icons, peers from previous years but you have still failed to network with any of them. Surround yourself with people, actively engage, talk to them and they will inspire you. Their war stories will show you that it is possible to live a legacy.


Persist: There are times when it is just not working out and yet you have a strong belief that it will work out or you even feel like giving up. NEVER GIVE UP no matter the storm. Pick yourself up, dust it off, hold your head high and keep moving. You need to realise that when you are implementing your goals, some may fail or even all, but do not give up on your vision, hold onto your goals.  You need to have some grit and maintain that stubborn refusal to quit.


Potential:  You need to know your potential so that you do not limit or overwhelm yourself. I suggest that you have honest and tough conversations with yourself. Query if you have the ability to achieve the goal you are setting. The more potential you have, the greater the demands you need to place on yourself. One of my favorite quotes is to “envision the person I want to be and always show up as him” I encourage you to know the potential within you and become the person you know you can become.


Positivity: Positivity is an attitude, a mindset that refreshes. With it, you can get yourself through anything and knock through the obstacles to achieve your goal. Whenever you set your goals, always be positive, believe that you will achieve them. When positivity is coupled with persistence, then you are determined to move forward and achieve your goals.


Prayer: P.U.SH Pray Until Something Happens, never forget to pray in whatever you do. To whoever you pray to, always seek their guidance and wisdom in whatever you are doing. Always stick to the will of God and rely on him mostly to help you out heal the spiritual wounds of failure that will come your way.


That’s the Great 8Ps. Take a second look at them, breathe them in and start living by them. Let these practices become a major part of who you are.  I wish you nothing but the best and may all our dreams come true.


This is all about Young People For Young People.


*Akram Ssali is a student at Kampala International University and a 2018 Peer Educator




    hello,am Sylvia found travel and tourism from YMCA, I’m in my final year and last semester. Actually am looking for where I can do I internship from I really need your help. Thanks


    hello,am Sylvia found travel and tourism from YMCA, I’m in my final year and last semester. Actually am looking for where I can do I internship from I really need your help. Thanks

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