“This is my year” has become a cliché today. Every entry of a new calendar is marked with multiple social media updates by friends of how the New Year has come with fresh resolutions to drive them forward, and they are right in every sense.

The start to a New Year should symbolize some fresh vibes from everybody. You too may be at the point of drawing some targets for yourself, to flaunt your new version over the next 365 (or 6) days. We thought we could make some suggestions for you to consider when determining this new self.

Focus on your dream and live it.  Whether it’s your grind or your classwork, give it your utmost attention for the best results. The good grades and seven figure paychecks you have always dreamed of can fall into place if you keep focused on getting them, and putting the work in (somebody say Amen!).

Frequently get an HIV test. The way you update your social media status should be similar to how you update your HIV status through testing. It is easier to take charge of your life when you know your status, because you learn how to protect yourself if negative, and how to live healthy if positive. Also, drag a friend or two with you as you go to test. They will always be grateful for it. Take a test at least once in 3 months.

Old enough to try out contraceptives (we mean 18 years & above who are sexually active)? Give it a try, always. If you hadn’t given contraceptive use much thought, think about utilizing it. There so many contraception options for example condoms which are most recommended due to the dual protection from STIs and unwanted pregnancy that they offer, Intrauterine Devices (IUDs), birth control ring, abstinence itself, implants and pills among others.

Choose your squad wisely. Your squad determines who you are largely, so you need to review it. This will help you pick out those guys with the positive vibes that can always play the right life moves with you. When you find such peeps, keep them real close. In this era of exposure to many SRHR risks, you need a good mate to watch your back.

Enjoy your youth, because we all know it comes once. The music is good (Baleke, the new youth empowerment anthem  is already ripping them airwaves apart) so go on enjoy it. Have a good dance, catch a party with friends, go to the movies, be fashionable and most of all, stay safe to have all the fun for another day.

Be sure to always take home a good message of healthy living for you and your friends. Don’t assume that people know about their sexuality, so don’t tire when teaching them. Use the resources available to you, like your data and social media accounts to throw in a good SRHR message to your peers. You should become the behavior change agent the world needs this year.

Time to buckle up and take this fresh calendar by storm. We aren’t just happy for the new year, we are also super excited for the new you!

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