It is sad that a natural and unavoidable circumstance can at times prove to be crippling and unbearable. One could fail to do simple daily chores or even perform at their job over a natural experience.

Many women, young or old, experience menstrual cramps which can be felt in the lower abdomen, back and thighs and the pain levels range from mild to severe and in some extreme cases are accompanied with nausea, vomiting, fever and dizziness.

How does one deal with/ alleviate this pain? Here are some tips on how to manage menstrual cramps;

Apply heat.
This can be done using a hot-water-bottle which is filled with hot water and placed on the cramping area or even taking a warm bath. Although hot-water-bottles can prove costly, they are reusable and come in really handy.

Physical exercise.
It is not easy to exercise and it can become harder with pain but it can be the relief that you need. Exercises enable the body to release endorphins which help the body in dealing with pain. These can be simple exercises like jogging, skipping or even just stretching.

Avoid certain foods.
During menstruation, it is advisable to avoid foods that are known to cause abdominal bloating. These can be fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks and salty foods. These can increase the pain one experiences when cramping.

Have an orgasm.
An orgasm involves the whole body, causing the release of ‘happy hormones’ like endorphins and oxytocin which decrease pain perception in the body. This way, the feeling of cramps can reduce too.

Take some herbal tea.
Spiced herbal tea is also known to alleviate cramps. First of all, it is warm water, making it a means of applying heat. Also, herbs like cinnamon, chamomile, ginger, among others, are recommended by experts as they contain anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce muscle contractions which are associated with cramping.

Try out any of the above methods and you might find the relief that you have been seeking making the experience will be less excruciating.

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