If any of your garments should be clean, it should ideally be your underwear. Reason? It comes directly in contact with your skin, thus sticking germs to it if they are dirty, and picking germs from it if your skin is dirty-and either way, it is you at threat.

Yes, there is a reason why the underwear pack doesn’t have that recycle image you see on most plastic containers. You need to wash them regularly, and manicure them like you are taking them on a date. You may not know how, but don’t worry. As always, we got you. Here are some tips you may (read should) use to see to it that your underwear is not a germ basket.

Wash-Cold; that’s how You keep them looking hot!

Frequent washing of undies gives them the feel you get when bae gives you red roses for valentines. Wash underwear with COLD water. We put this in bold so no one misleads you, ever again. Warm water sets the stains in the underwear and no one loves that (especially bae). Soak them in a colour friendly bleacher which will keep the bacteria at bay and wash them inside out to reduce friction on the tender fabric they are made of.

Dry outside-for the sun and air to do the magic

The sun is a natural killer of harmful bacteria. By putting them out in the sun, you eliminate the bacteria that could have survived the power of the bleacher (they can get to be that stubborn). The best time to put underwear out is between 11am and midday because the heat is mild and won’t damage the fabric, but try to find a secret place. Nobody needs to know the colour and shape of your secrets! However they need a few minutes under the sun, just about 30. Keeping them under high heat will hurt the elasticity and cut down on the longevity.

Separate them depending on purpose

Your undies to a date shouldn’t be the same as those you wear to the gym-sounds downright improper, does it not? When you work out, the sweat gets stuck to the undies. Much as you give them the same care, gym and jogging undies should be reserved for that purpose, and so should those for everyday wear. Even in storage, maintain the boundaries.

Wear underwear once-and wash

Be it boxers, undershirts, vests or socks, please don’t recycle. Once worn, the contact with the body is enough to make underwear dirty and germ carrying. The sooner you wash them, the cleaner and healthier they remain.

Groom them

Iron underwear and  snip off loose threads. This will help them maintain a new look everyday.

Of course, don’t buy just one. Get at least four of each (vests, pair of boxers, undershirts or socks) so as the others are washed and rested, you don’t have to wear your trousers ‘live’. If you follow this advice, you will be one step closer to the girls. They love  clean stuff (and boys), and since your underwear will now fall in this category and they are visiting, you may not own it for long. That is a plus in its own way. Till next time!

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