Life skills are qualities that are necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life of an individual. There are skills which every young person needs to have so that they live a good life. 

These include;


The adolescent years need to be involved in a gradual shift of responsibility. Take on a task of doing things like laundry, cooking and taking care of yourself because you’ll need this when you are out on your own.

Time management.

Figure out how long it can take you to finish your personal assignment or getting ready for school and work towards making your time management skills better because as it goes without say, ‘time waits for no man’.

Decision making skills.

Always look out for things that aid you in making right decisions. Impulsive decisions are likely to get you into trouble with issues like drugs, alcohol and other related uncalled for behaviour. 

Confidence skills.

Stand up for what’s right and always show remarkable attachment to what you do. In other words, believe in yourself.

Social skills.

Develop the ability to seize up interpersonal situations, cooperate with others and gain perspective understanding. 

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