Let us start with some facts. 

 Did you know that 5% – 10% of  women have unwanted hair growing on their face or other parts of the body like the chest, back, sideburns, chin or upper inner thighs. So you do not have to worry because you are not alone. 

 This kind of hair is mostly associated with men who have beards, chest and back hair and even pride in it. We have all heard of the ‘beard gangs’ and even seen some men pay hefty amounts to have their beard longer or even thicker. Some even buy some chemicals to stimulate hair growth incase of development delays. 

 Why then do some women grow hair that they wish they did not have? 

 The growth of excessive or unwanted hair on a woman’s body and face is caused by ‘Hirsutism” 

All women have facial and body hair but it is usually fine and light in color. However, hirsutism turns some women’s facial and chest hairs into coarse, dark hairs. 

 What causes hirsutism? 

 This condition is caused by increased flow of the hormone testosterone. 

 Although this is primarily a male hormone, women naturally have small amounts of it in their bodies. However, when the levels get higher than what naturally occurs, changes like coarse facial hair occur. 

 It might run in the family. 

You are more likely to develop facial hair if your mother, sister or any other female relative has it. 

 Could it be medications? 

 Some medications contain elements like steroids and testosterone that can trigger the growth of unwanted facial and chest hair. 

 Although this hair is harmless, many women are extremely self-conscious about it and want to do away with it. This can easily be achieved by either laser or electrolysis. This is because options like shaving, plucking or pulling it out worsen hirsutism by irritating the area. 

 All in all, facial hairs are harmless to you as a woman, however, worry if the growth of facial hair is accompanied by;

  • Deepening of the voice 

  • Increase in muscle mass

  • Enlargement of the clitoris 

  • Male pattern balding

This implies a whole different issue.  


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