It is known that the only constant thing in life is change. It goes down to the very core of our living-ourselves. Whereas our bodies change naturally though, we have the ability to change our characters. (If you doubt this, try watching any sports movie).

Which brings me to the point. Sport is one of the oldest activities known to man. It has been here since the time when Zeus actually sat on top of the Olympus in Greece. Today, sport has evolved to encompass various fields but the lessons are still the same. If taken on, sport is a great character determinant. We will use the next few paragraphs to show you how

Team Building

Ever wondered why bro-code and girl code comes easy for sportsmen and women? The answer is easy; they are sports people. Sport is usually a team effort. Even the singular sports like boxing have a team; the nurse, the coach and the promoter. Sport is a great teacher of the value of playing for the team, because when one member fails, everything crumbles. You learn how to take one for the team, how to ride or die for the team and how to put the team first. If you have questioned the loyalty of your friends, try sports with them. It is a subtle way of finding a guaranteed solution.

Discipline, humility and hard work

There is no room for hooliganism, laziness and malala in sport. Lionel Messi, arguably the finest footballer is known for his remarkable humility, while his closest rival Cristiano Ronaldo is the first to reach and last to leave at Madrid training sessions. As for indiscipline, you showcase it even once, you are punished immediately. Now put this in context; imagine yourself as a disciplined, humble and hardworking young person. Envision that success, and see how many will envy you.

Fitness and Health

This is one of the primary benefits. For its physicality, you bring to life every muscle in you. You stretch out a lot during sport and doing it constantly means you lose any unnecessary weight. This gain stretches to improving your sex life, something bae would definitely appreciate.

Time Well Spent and Memories Made

There is always something to thrill you about any sport. The moments of brilliance will have you gain appraisal, and the bloopers by you or any other will have you cracking your ribs with laughter. When the ball goes through a hoop on the basketball court, the crowd screams and you are the pro. When you hit a 6-run in cricket (if you relate) you send the support into a frenzy. When walking off the pitch, you realise that every minute on it was worthwhile, and every inch of ground covered is memorable. In this line, you get to make some of your closest life friends, since in sport there is no room for enmity.

Skill and Talent Nurturing

If you have realized you have good pace that helps you outrun teachers at school to get out of trouble, why not try being a track and field athlete? You just may run your way to success. It may not just be speed as you look at it, it may be a really great talent. Sport helps you find your talents and if well developed, you just might make a living off them.

Aging Slower and Living Longer

They say teachers don’t grow old. Well, for sports people, they just stay young. You will be 45 and still pass for a 28 year old, and due to your fitness and good health, you add more years to your span. Besides, who wouldn’t want to stay young?

We have all types of sports in Uganda today, which our young bodies can successfully support. Football, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Athletics, Lawn and Table Tennis, Swimming, (should I really go on?) If you have a hard time choosing, close your eyes and take a wild guess. Besides there are national teams for all these, so you could wear the country’s colours and make your momma proud some day.

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  1. Batambuze Jacobs

    I have passion for sports “football “, but I have much fobia for injury.
    I’ll appreciate any solutions to that.

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