Is a personal choice made by an individual to avoid indulging in any sexual behaviour or intimacy with another sexually active individual. 

Various people have various reasons as to why they abstain, some abstain because they would like to prevent chance pregnancies, some have a phobia for sex, some abstain because they uphold their principles and religious values immensely.

Abstinence is 100% a sure way of avoiding unwanted pregnancies, acquiring STDs or being persuaded into having nonconsensual sex.

Anyone can be able to abstain because it is free, has no side effects and is one of the safest methods young couples can rely on until they are ready to have sex. 

You can also abstain at any point in life even if you have initially had sex. It is equally important that if a person feels they need a break from having sex, they should talk honestly to their partners as this will prevent any conflicts, distrust and break-ups.

Conclusively, Abstinence can be hard for some people but is a choice you make every day. There are ways to help yourself with that choice.

  • Remind yourself why you chose to be abstinent.
  • Think about the consequences.
  • Don’t reevaluate your decision to stay abstinent during sexually charged situations — stick with your decision until you can think about it with a clear head.


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