The proponents of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) liken it to imbalu- a passage from youth to adulthood. Imbalu is circumcision, which by the way is an upheld practice for health reasons. Fast forward to FGM, and you wonder how a passage to adulthood can be tainted by all these wrongs.

Women and girls living with FGM have had a very sinister experience; given both the long term and short term risks they are exposed to, by and during the practice. A closer look at these risks shows you just how bad the exposure is.

The most notorious short term effects are severe pain and excessive bleeding. As the severing is done, nerve endings and the clitoral artery are easily damaged. Remember, anesthesia is rarely used, so a woman has to brave every second of the pain and gushing blood from the vagina.This goes on for several days. They tend to result into shock and psychological consequences, and genital tissue swelling as the wound is exposed to various infections.

The wound healing too can be impaired and abnormal scars around the genitalia follow suit. They suffer painful urination due to urethral obstruction, menstrual problems, recurrent UTIs, chronic genital infections and menstrual complications.

Does that sound bad? There is worse. In the long run, a lady can have sexual problems like decreased lubrication hence pain and tissue wear and tear during sex. There is also an increased possibility of giving birth by caesarian section, higher risk to HIV, and even possibly death due to infections including tetanus.

The women out there are cowering in the shadow of this bizarre experience, and it’s our voice that can help them out of this crisis. As we celebrate the International day of Zero Tolerance to FGM, add your voice to the many calling for an end to this practice. There are a million and two reasons to end FGM, and it starts with each of us.


  1. Tabitha Akello

    I have no kind words to communities that practice FGM, all I can say is let it STOP completely infact END it. I will stand with the rest of the advocates to end this “monster”.

  2. Edgar hastings ojambo

    FGM is so painful and it really makes sex not enjoyable.
    This should be stopped because it could affect someone’s health.

    Bravo nice work done…
    Thank you sauti plus

  3. Odoi jonah

    Fgm is so evil i dont support it any single bit, the power is in our hands to stop #fgm among the girls in our community and also teach the still persisiting people about the dangers of fgm.. #i say no to fgm.. #pea2017

  4. Odoi jonah

    Fgm is wrong, it surely must not be levied against the young girls of uganda, they undergo through alot of pain n torture that leaves them deprived of their rights.. Many r silently sneaked into neigbhouring mountains from where they are initiated into this practise, koz its unlawful… We should rise up n fight fgm n ensure that no girl ever goes through such torture..

  5. Frank

    FGM is a sexual Abuse against women, it violates there rights to health, in Uganda we are at 1% that means it’s possible to stop if government is ready to talk to cultural leaders and to empower women through education, to get enough information on the dangers of FGM. That’s even Gender based violence against women.. we can end it .

  6. Tinah

    No need for women to bare the pain and other sub sequential realities that come with FGM. I stand with zero tolerance to such madness.

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