“Don’t settle for no sleaze bag!”

Hey Gurl,

 Your big sister is here with a little tea talk you just might like. I will take this from the start. In all our lives, there comes a point when we become curious and keen to explore sexual experiences. However as my momma once told me, “don’t give your flower away to a nobody”. What she meant by this was, that despite my eagerness to lose my virginity, the experience of it all would be a million times more enjoyable if I lost it with someone who I shared a connection with and someone who I could trust!

With that in mind, I wanna share with you my top 3 reasons for holding on onto those my Momma’s wise words, and waiting for Mr Right to come along!

1. Your V doesn’t define U 

So many people assume that being a virgin means you’re scared to interaction with the opposite sex, well I say HELL NAH! No way is that the case! One of my best friends at university is a virgin, he’s proud to be one and openly shares that he is only giving it up to Mrs Right! He was recently voted the one of the coolest guys on campus and ya know why?! Because he’s got a bangin’ personality, he’s confident and caring! Proof that your virginity doesn’t define who are you!

2. Sex without a connection is like watching paint dry … boring!

Trust me when I say having sex with someone who you don’t really know is a complete waste of time (expert analysis talking here). It’s awkward, uncomfortable and you can guarantee they’ll be no cuddles afterwards! Sex is only enjoyable when you’re both relaxed around one another because it means you can have a laugh and talk afterwards about what you liked and didn’t like so much. You don’t get that when you have sex with someone you lack a connection with and for real, life’s too short for bad sex!

 3. Mr Right will be bowing down

The fact that you have decided to not give your flower to just anybody shows you’ve got some self-worth and your man will RESPECT that! Gurl, you deserve the world and more, you are QUEEN and you have the RIGHT to be as picky as you want to when it comes to choosing who you’re gonna lose your virginity to! Most of my girlfriends lost their virginity before me with ‘friends’ and accused me of being ‘too picky’, however their judgement didn’t bother me because when I did eventually decide to lose my virginity, it was with my boyfriend and it was such a special moment as we both respected each other.

Fast-forwarding to 2017, all my friends have openly admitted they regret the way the lost their V… but not me! I had the best of my moment because I added weight to it’s value by waiting. Your sex life ought to be a thrill of learning something new every time, and not a revision practice. So treasure the cookie and seal the jar. When you finally open it, it is going to be every minute’s worth.

Yours faithfully,

The Big Sister 

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