Is it that time of the month, again? Men usually ask this question like ‘this time’ of the month is supposed to relax and skip some months…!

Let’s break it down, every single month of the twelve months of the year, women and girls of reproductive age discharge blood and other material from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until the menopause, except during pregnancy.

During menstruation, different women feel differently. Some, fortunately, don’t feel anything at all, only the warm gush of the blood through their lady parts. Some just have mood swings and get irritable, others get the honorable ‘how – you – like – me now love pimple’ that always graces strategic parts of ones face like, big’ here I am!

To put this in context, no verbatim, no paraphrasing, no exaggeration, I asked 10 ladies to describe what menstrual cramps feel like, in their own words;
  • An intense lower abdominal pain. It actually makes me nauseated, it gives me an irritated feeling of not wanting to eat or even see certain foods. – Vikki
  • It’s a slow pain that lasts all day. Imagine uncomfortable knots in your belly all day long, twisting, turning, churning all darn day!”- Doreen
  • The feeling is of death – paralyzing death that starts in the lower abdomen and spreads to the lower back that offsets joint pains and a severe headache. It is constant intermittent pains! – Mau
  • The feeling is of little soldiers constantly plunging their tiny swords into your uterus. The constant pain couples with bloating, constipation and dysphasia is not something to look forward to. Women are ever ‘OVARY-ACTING’, it is real pain, bros! – Winnie
  • Depends, sometimes it’s nice to you so you just feel uneasy like you can’t find a comfortable position to nap. Other times, it’s like someone is using a saw machine and it is playing around cutting the wrong branches in your uterus or someone is yanking out your vagina without your consent and it is jamming. Very jerky pains to remind you that you’re not supposed to be comfortable. It leaves you feeling gooey and disgusted – Sharon.
  • The worst cramp experience I have had left me feeling paralyzed from the pain. I felt like the blood was flowing out in hot lava dumps. My legs were hurting and paralyzed from the pain and my stomach was bloated I couldn’t eat anything because all the food made me nauseated – Yvonne.
  • I can’t explain it. But, it feels like spears in your stomach and bricks in your legs. So imagine being stabbed and not being able to run! AWFUL – Kuku
  • Cramps feel like someone punching you in your guts – Fifi.
  • They feel like World war 4 – Liz.
  • They feel like strong sharp pains that cause your belly to bulge. You are in a state where you can’t laugh or move or do anything then booooom, it flows down like everything is leaving your body then boom, you are alive again. Extremely uncomfortable – Sarah.
There you have it. If ever, in your lifetime you thought a particular girl was exaggerating or ‘ovary-acting’, please buy a nice box of chocolate, go over and apologize. This pain is real.

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