Q: Can a woman get pregnant while breastfeeding?

Senga 4 mins ago

Yes. Even though breastfeeding may suppress or delay menstruation, you can still get pregnant. Ovulation will occur before you start having menstrual periods again, so follow your doctor's recommendation on the appropriate birth control method to use.


  1. Dawin

    Lactation ammenorhea is the mode of family planning where we base on the fact that the presence of prolactin hormones suppress ovulation. for this method to be successful, one must at least breastfeed the baby at least 8 times a day. However it should be noted that as the baby grows, the number of breastfeeding per day decreases and so ovulation may take place. therefore, this method can be used for only the first three months after delivery

  2. Stellah Nakalema

    Guess this depends on the hormones of the person. me am a very fat person and I was discouraged from using any hormonal fp method. but breast feeding helps me it’s my method and the moment I stop breast feeding I always conceive.

  3. Stanley

    yes so long as your baby is 6months and above and men’s resumed. when below six months and you do exclusive breastfeeding you won’t get preg

  4. Racheal

    am a living testimony I was breastfeeding my 8months old baby n when I went to the hospital to check for for family methods n probably chose one
    I was told before applying one they have to check for pregnancy first n boom the results came back positive

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