Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) is looking for one young person to join our Advisory Board. 

To foster the strategic direction of the organization, Reach A Hand Uganda has been having a rotational/periodic Advisory Board since 2015. The Advisory Board is The RAHU Advisory designed to provide strategic guidance for the organization. The composition of the advisory board ranges from representatives of young people, civil society, school administration, religious leaders, and well-wishers of Reach A Hand Uganda (outstanding individuals who have supported the growth of the organization in all capacities since its inception).

The Advisory Board, therefore, helps ensure that the organization remains true to its mission, vision, and Strategic Plan through promotion and provision of strategic direction for its development.

What will a Young Advisory Board member do?

Meaningful Youth engagement still remains a core for Reach A Hand Uganda, so as a board member you will be a representative of young people’s voices.

While we are particularly looking for a young person who is active within our youth empowerment networks and can help us connect to our young audiences, you will be a full member of the Advisory Board and expected to contribute to all areas of the Board’s work. This is an important role and you’ll need to commit to a year (unpaid). This involves:

  • Attending all-day board meetings (which are held on weekdays) plus one overnight stay (if the need arises)
  • Attending any relevant Advisory Board committee meetings
  • Attend an induction, receive training, and meet RAHU staff and teams in Uganda.

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