Young filmmakers and television content creators are to be supported to improve their skills and knowledge for a better content generation to advance the industry.

This is to be realized through the young filmmakers’ fellowship program under the iKon Awards, an initiative by Reach a Hand Uganda (RAHU), a youth-led non-profit organization focused on youth empowerment programs.

The initiative will also include awarding outstanding filmmakers and TV content creators.

The iKon Awards is an initiative that celebrates leaders and implementers in various fields of social development in Uganda and other parts of Africa.

It involves a series of activities ranging from idea and concept generation incubators, mentorship, summits, and courses that will culminate in the awarding of well-deserving ventures masterfully executed.

Each filmmaker is to be provided with mentorship and guidance from internationally renowned and experienced filmmakers to produce a 5-10 minutes short film from one of the following thematic areas including HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, climate action, family planning, and menstrual health/ hygiene, and gender.

This is definitely something to watch out for.

The requirements for submissions are quite simple.


1. Logline: One sentence summary of the story (no more than 30 words).


2. Plotline: Clearly, highlight the narrative sequence of events for all key plot points from beginning to end.


3. Character Bios: Share the profile of not more than 3 main key characters (Consider their goals, needs, desires, and weaknesses)


4. Mood-board: Picture collage that gives us a glimpse of how your film will look in terms of cinematography and production design, mood, and tone.


The applicants should submit their short film proposals under any genre of the applicant’s choice following those aforementioned themes via
with the subject: “YFFP – Name of Applicant – Story Theme”


If you haven’t submitted your idea, please do. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.


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